The Most Powerful Backpack Blowers on the Market in 2020

When it comes to buying the most powerful backpack blowers, realistically, you can’t just focus on power. After all, what good is raw power if it’s not enough to get the job done?

And it’s especially true when you’re dealing with commercial blowers to do client work and have to bring your absolute best. Then there are other things to consider such as ease-of-use, the level of noise, and of course the price of the product.

Buying the best commercial grade backpack blower is far from easy!

But for those of you who are looking for the strongest blower, let me say this right away:

Right now, the most powerful backpack blower on the market is the Echo PB 8010. 

As to why that is, and how it compares to the other models on my list – read on to find out.

1. Echo PB 8010 Backpack Blower

Echo is a reliable brand when it comes to leaf blowers, and the PB 8010 is no exception.

To be honest I’ve only learned about this model recently, forcing me to update my list.

You may be asking, what does this blower has to offer that makes it come out on top?

Let me show you.


Standout features

  • The PB 8010 comes with a powerful 79.9 cc engine.
  • This blower can produce air speed up to 211 MPH and an air volume of 1,071 CFM, which results in a total air force of 44.4 Newtons.
  • Despite its incredible power, its dry weight is only 24.5 lbs including pipes – this is largely thanks to the carbon fiber plastic frame and fan case.
  • It comes with a 5-year consumer warranty, or a 2-year commercial warranty.

This is a relatively new model so I didn’t have the chance to test it personally just yet. But when I do, I’ll be sure to update this article. One thing is for sure though. Based on the numbers alone, it is stronger than anything else out there at the moment.

The only downside I can think of is the price, as it also happens to be one of the more expensive models. But if you don’t want to compromise on power, then look no further. You can buy it on Amazon.

I’ve found this video, which I believe is a good demonstration of what this blower can do:

2. Husqvarna 580BTS 75.6cc Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blower

When it comes to gas-powered garden tools, Husqvarna is one of the finest brands out there. In fact, their chainsaws are one of the most popular in the commercial market. Why, you ask? Well, their products are not only high-quality and reliable, but also among the most powerful ones available.

The Husqvarna 580BTS keeps the trend going and is surely one of my favorite commercial blowers. Now, let’s find out why.


  • Impressive performance
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Highly reliable and easy to start


  • Not quite as fuel efficient as some of its competitors

Standout Features

  • The Husqvarna 580BTS comes with a 75.6 cc X-Torq engine which is designed to cut down on harmful emissions by almost 60%. It is also supposed to increase fuel efficiency by up to 20%.
  • This backpack Leaf blower has a claimed air speed of 206.2 mph and produces 908 cfm air flow in the pipe.
  • One of the best parts of this product is how comfortable it is despite its dry weight of 25.8 lbs. And that is all due to the highly comfortable shoulder straps.
  • The 580BTS comes with a commercial grade air filter which not only ensures longer operating time but also makes it easy to maintain.
  • It comes with a standard 2 Year Warranty which can be extended up to 4 years for non-commercial use.

You can check it out in action in the video below:

My Experience

I’ve used my fair share of backpack leaf blowers, and hardly any of them managed to surprise me before I started operating. But, the Husqvarna 580BTS caught me off guard (in a pleasant way of course) as soon as I slid into the shoulder straps. In fact, I believe this is one of the most comfortable products I have used in a while.

Now, for this review, I chose to perform some heavy-duty tasks. First, I raked in a large bunch of leaves and made two huge piles out of it. For the first pile, I ensured that it was entirely dry, and once everything was set, I started the leaf blower.

Honestly, the starting procedure was quite simple, and throughout the entire review period, it didn’t take me more than two pulls to get the engine running. As for the pile of dry leaves, let’s just say that it was absolutely no match for the 580BTS.

Moving on to the pile of wet leaves, once again the Husqvarna backpack leaf blower impressed me with its performance. In fact, the power of this product is quite simply among the best commercial leaf blowers I have tested.

But, testing its prowess against a pile of leaves is like buying a Porsche to run small errands in the city. Most cordless leaf blowers will be capable of doing the same. So, I gathered some sand and placed it on the driveway. After wetting it, I started the 580BTS. And I must say, this is where it truly showed its potential.

In fact, when I tested one of my favorite cordless leaf blowers in the same situation, it didn’t even come close to the Husqvarna.

However, nothing is perfect. Thankfully, the main flaw I noticed with the 580BTS was the fuel efficiency. In my days, I’ve tested commercial leaf blowers with better runtime than the Husqvarna product.

Moreover, the 580BTS is one of the louder products I have tested. In fact, you will surely need a pair of Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs while you are using this leaf blower.


In the commercial leaf blower category, there are good leaf blowers, and then there are elite products. The Husqvarna 580BTS falls in the latter category of course. And after two weeks of thorough testing, I can safely say this is the best product I have tested. In fact, I was so impressed by the performance, that I decided to keep this one for myself.

So, if you are looking to invest in a high-quality and reliable commercial leaf blower, your search ends here.

3. Echo PB-770T 63.3cc Gas Powered Backpack Blower

Like Husqvarna, Echo is a similar brand which makes excellent gas-powered tools. The PB-770T is like a predecessor to the PB 8010, loved by many to this day. You can think of it like a more affordable, but also less powerful alternative. 

So, how does the PB-770T compare against the Husqvarna 580BTS? Well, read along to find out.


  • Decent, reliable performance across the board
  • Much quieter than most gas-powered leaf blowers
  • Excellent warranty


  • Not as powerful as some of its top performing competitors

Standout Features

  • The 63.3 cc professional grade, two-stroke engine provides excellent performance.
  • This product has a maximum air speed of 234 mph and produces up to 756 CFM of airflow.
  • The ECHO PB-770T comes with a padded backrest and shoulder straps which make it quite convenient to carry around. Moreover, this leaf blower has a vented backpack that makes it a little more comfortable in hot conditions.
  • This backpack leaf blower has a variable speed tube mounted throttle which makes it easy to control in different situations.
  • The site mounted, dual-stage state air filtration system ensures an extended life for the engine.
  • The ECHO PB-770T comes with a 5 Year Consumer Warranty or a 2 Year Commercial Warranty.

My Experience

I’ll be honest with you; I haven’t used many ECHO products in my day. So, naturally, this backpack leaf blower wasn’t part of my list initially. In fact, if it wasn’t for my colleague, I would have never found out how good this product really is.

As soon as I unboxed the ECHO PB-770T, it was off to a great start. First off, the build quality felt right on par with the Husqvarna 580BTS. But the thing that stood out to me most was the warranty information. This backpack leaf blower comes with a 5 Year Consumer Warranty or a 2 Year Commercial Warranty. In my opinion, that is impressive to say the least.

For the review, I followed the same protocol as before and created two piles of leaves – one wet, and the other dry. The ECHO PB-770T didn’t have any problem with either piles, and it breezed through this test. Honestly, compared to the 580BTS, I didn’t notice any significant difference.

Although, I can say that this leaf blower was significantly quieter than the Husqvarna product. And in my opinion, it was almost as comfortable on the back.

The real difference, however, came with the wet sand test. Now, don’t get me wrong, the ECHO PB-770T performed admirably, but, it just wasn’t as powerful as the 580BTS.

All in all, the ECHO PB-770T should be fine for almost all commercial applications. Although, for heavy-duty tasks, I would prefer the 580BTS.


If you are looking for the most powerful backpack leaf blower, then I believe you should put your money down on the Husqvarna 580BTS.

However, if you value refinement as much as performance, then this just might be the product for you. Moreover, if you’re buying a backpack leaf blower for non-commercial reasons, the excellent 5 Year Warranty should surely make your decision easier.

4. Makita EB7650WH 75.6cc MM4 Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blower

If you have delved into the world of professional tools, then you should be familiar with the Makita brand. Their products not only exude quality but are also extremely reliable.

So, does the EB7650WH stand up to the high expectations or is it a disappointment? Well, let’s find out the answer to that question, shall we?




  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with the reliability of the Makita brand
  • Refined and comfortable to use


  • Not as powerful as similarly priced competitors

Standout Features

  • The Makita EB7650WH comes with a 75.6cc MM4 commercial duty engine which produces 3.8 HP.
  • It has a maximum speed of 200 mph and 670 CFM airflow.
  • The EB7650WH features a hip throttle with cruise control along with a conveniently placed on/off switch.
  • This backpack leaf blower features a large capacity muffler which ensures quieter operation.
  • It comes with summer and winter operation adjustment which helps improve the performance during cold conditions.

My Experience

Now, I’ve been a fan of Makita ever since I tested their first product. And so, I have always held the brand in high regard. However, this time around, the EB7650WH just didn’t meet my expectations. More on that later.

Once again, I performed the same tests as before. And for the pile of wet and dry leaves, this backpack leaf blower sailed through without a problem. In fact, there was little to differentiate any of the three products on this list.

However, for the wet sand test, it just couldn’t match up to the Husqvarna 580BTS’s performance. And it also fell slightly short compared to the ECHO PB-770T. Honestly, that was a little disappointing for me.

But, where it does redeem itself is in the comfort and convenience category. In fact, when it comes to overall comfort, I would say this is one the best backpack blowers out there. Moreover, it gets full marks for its relatively quiet operation.


On its own, the Makita EB7650WH is an excellent product no doubt. However, it just doesn’t stack up to the 580BTS when it comes to raw performance. And since most people in the market for a commercial leaf blower value that most, I just can’t suggest buying this over the Husqvarna product.

However, if you want a well-engineered, refined product, this is surely one of the best ones out there. I just hope Makita releases a more powerful version in the future.

How to Choose the Most Powerful Backpack Blower?

Alrighty then! You now know about my favorites and are probably wondering how I narrowed down my choice to just four. Well, you should know that apart from my hands-on experience with all kinds of leaf blowers, I follow a simple strategy to qualify leaf blowers to be worth their salt.

Here are few crucial things you must look at before buying:

Power source

Most backpack leaf blowers are either powered by gas or by electricity. And this factor goes a long way to determine how they’ll perform. Gas-powered blowers happen to be the most powerful, but they’re also heavier than electric models owing to the build and size. They also tend to make much more noise and produce emission.

Electric variants, on the other hand, might not be as powerful, but they are light and tend to be on the environment-friendly side—meaning, less noise and little to no emission. These are the trade-offs you’d have to make peace with to find the ideal backpack blower.

Blowing power

Different blowers have different blowing power and work volume, which determines the number of leaves it can blow at any given time. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the unit of the amount of air a blower produces, which in turn determines how long it would take to clear out a specific area.

In short: the higher the CFM rate, the more the work done and vice versa. But, whenever comparing CFM of two models, be sure to test them in similar conditions. Don’t test one model on dry leaves and another on wet leaves, as the latter will obviously require more time to clear off.

Engine power and type

Backpack leaf blowers usually come in two engine varieties: 2-stroke and 4-stroke. And their power is denoted by the unit cc. The 4-stroke engine variants have the most dominant engine power and are more efficient than the 2-stroke models. Of course, increased power and efficiency also means more to be paid in price.

When it comes to commercial blowers, I’d recommend you side with what has more power. If you intend it for home use, then a 2-stroke engine model would suit just fine.


When it comes to anything “backpack,” you cannot count out the factor of weight. After all, the weight of these machines will play a huge role in how comfortably you can operate it and for how long. Most products in this category tend to range from 10 pounds to 30 pounds in weight, with the electric-powered ones being on the lighter end.

Since you’re looking for a robust commercial leaf blower, I’ll be honest and say that you should gear up to lift heavy.


Unfortunately, the emission is inevitable when it comes to gas-powered leaf blowers. The question is, can you choose a model that’s on the lower end of the pollution spectrum? Of course, you can! Spend a bit more and go for 4-stroke engines that are more environment-friendly. Also, don’t forget to wear a pollution mask while working with these machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to spend a fortune to buy a powerful commercial leaf blower?
A. No, all 4 items in this guide are moderately priced and should be within reach of anyone who is serious about their business.

Q. Are these products high on maintenance?
A. Again, no, because all of them are manufactured by reputed brands and consist of high-quality parts that don’t need much looking after. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about your backpack blower; just following a basic maintenance routine will serve just fine.

Q. Can I use an electric blower for commercial cleaning?
A. Yes, but bear in mind that these blowers tend to be less powerful than gas-powered variants. So, clearing out your client’s lawn/yard will take more time. And in business, time equals money.

Q. On a scale of 1-10, how much should I care about the weight?
A. I’d say 10 because the last thing you’d want to do is buy a model that’s too heavy to carry around. Believe me; even the Godliest of leaf blowers are not worth the value of your back.

Final Words

I won’t go so far as to say this guide is the “be-all and end-all” of commercial grade leaf blower guides. But it’s a pretty good one to go through if you want to buy the most powerful product for your needs. If you asked me to choose one, I’d say the Husqvarna 580BTS will be most worth your time and money due to its power and reliability.

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