About Peter Toth

Peter Toth works as a web developer in his day job. He is also the founder and editor of backyardgadget.com. In his free time, he enjoys working on the site which mainly consists of planning and adding new articles. 

I was born and raised in Hungary, in a small town near the capital, Budapest. I’ve been learning English as a second language from an early age because my parents thought it will be a very useful skill to have (and how right they were!). 

While growing up, there was always something to do around the house, and my family even owned some land in a remote village, which served as my introduction to yard & gardening work and power tools. I’m not necessarily an expert on everything, but I know enough to help out a friend in case they aren’t sure about something. 

During the early 2000s internet access started to become widespread in my area, which resulted in me developing a love for websites at an early age. This of course influenced my career choice, as you can see I’m still working with websites both during my day job and in my free time. 

Running BackyardGadget is a whole new experience for me. When I started I already knew a lot about the inner working of websites, but I was never actually the one who wrote or even edited content for said websites. I initially started writing here to help out some friends in need, and to practice my English.

Discovering that people actually want to read what I write and find it helpful has been very fulfilling. It serves as my main motivation for working on the site. Getting a thankful e-mail from someone who found something they have been looking for on my site always makes my day. So, I guess I’m a part-time writer and editor now.