Is There An Unbreakable Trimmer Line?

When trimmer lines break, it makes maintaining your yard and keeping it neat a challenging task. Besides wasting hours spooling new lines, it can make yard cleanup very costly. So is there an invincible line that won’t ever break? And what does this line have that others don’t? 

Unfortunately, unbreakable trimmer lines do not exist. However, the Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist Line is considerably more durable than others and lasts much longer. This line is thick, twisted, and made of high-quality materials like reinforced nylon. It meets all requirements for the most durable trimmer lines. 

If you, too, are tired of spending money on new trimmer lines only to have them break in a day, then keep reading. I’ve covered everything there is to know about durable lines that will solve all your trimming troubles. 

3 Best and Strongest Trimmer Lines 

Although an unbreakable trimmer line doesn’t exist, we do have strong and durable trimmer lines. Here are a few options that tick all boxes to qualify as a strong trimmer line. 

All the lines mentioned below have incredible strength and won’t break easily!

1. Husqvarna Titanium Force 0.095-Inch

The Husqvarna Titanium Force meets all our requirements for durable trimmer lines. Its design features cutting-edge technology that improves its performance and resistance to breaking.

Made of a commercial-grade copolymer, it is one of the best lines in the market for cutting heavy grass and weeds. Apart from its superior build and characteristics, it is also economical and budget-friendly. Also, Husqvarna products just tend to be reliable in my experience. 

You can buy it on Amazon.

2. Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist Line .095-Inch 

The Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist Line can withstand heavy-duty work! It can cut the toughest of weeds with ease. 

The twisted trimmer line features a super strength inner core that can survive tonnes of abuse. The core also improves cutting efficiency and makes trimming an easier task. 

You can buy it on Amazon.

3. LoNoiz Spiral Twist .130- Inch

For those looking for a little more durability, the LoNoiz Spiral Twist is the perfect fit. Its thickness is .130 inches, allowing it to cut the densest of vegetation!

Moreover, unlike other lines, the LoNoiz Spiral Twist does not break as a result of hitting hard surfaces. 

However, most trimmers have a limitation of 0.95’’ lines. Thus, be sure to check if your trimmer is compatible with this line before buying it. 

Mentioned below is a summary and comparison of all three trimmer lines. 

Like most other products, you can also buy this one on Amazon.

Trimmer Cost Use  Compatibility 
Husqvarna Titanium Force 0.095-Inch Budget-Friendly Light to Medium Work Compatible with most standard trimmer heads.
Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist Line 0.095-Inch Budget-Friendly Medium to Heavy-Duty work  Compatible with most standard trimmer heads.
LoNoiz Spiral Twist .130-Inch Expensive Heavy-Duty Work Incompatible with most trimmer heads

3 Features of Durable Trimmer Lines 

Since you can’t get an unbreakable trimmer line, you can get pretty close to it by looking for a line with the three characteristics mentioned below.

1. Thick Line

Thick trimmer lines can survive a lot more abuse than thinner ones. They have increased power and can cut through the most stubborn weeds with minimum wear-out. 

The ideal thickness you should look for in your line is 0.095 inches. Such lines will cut through heavy and thick grass easily without breaking. 

You could also opt for a much thicker line as it’ll be more durable. However, most trimmers can work with 0.095 inches or thinner wires. So, you should always check the limitations of your trimmer before buying a line. 

Note: Using a line that crosses the manufacturer’s rating won’t fit well. It will lead to your trimmer underperforming and not getting the job done. 

2. Twisted Line 

With several types of line shapes available in the market, you may get confused about which one to choose. Well, we’ve tried out all of them and found the one closest to being unbreakable. 

Twisted lines are the most durable lines in the market. With cleaner cuts and increased resistance to wear and tear, this line shape will solve most of your trimming troubles. I’ve even heard of them lasting twice as long as average round lines!

Furthermore, these lines hold up incredibly against tree trunks and concrete due to their reinforced shape. They also produce less vibration and noise as they have reduced air resistance. 

Moreover, they benefit people living in residential areas who want to limit trimming noise. 

3. Reinforced Nylon/ Non-Nylon Polymers 

The most durable lines are made of reinforced nylon, non-nylon polymers, and copolymers. These materials are of superior quality and more resistant to breaking. 

3 Reasons For Trimmer Lines Breaking

Trimmer lines break for a variety of reasons. I have mentioned three of them below. 

1. Cheap Low-Quality Lines

The most common reason for trimmer lines breaking is because they are cheap and low-quality. Your line is the most important part of the trimmer as it does the actual work of cutting weeds and grass. So, buying an expensive trimmer just to put in cheap lines is pointless! 

2. Thin Lines

Frequently using a thin line to trim around hard surfaces will cause them to break. Instead, opt for a thicker one that can handle more wear and tear for heavy-duty work. 

3. Incompatible Lines

Your trimmer line could also underperform if it is incompatible with your trimmer. Trimmers are designed to work with limited line styles and sizes. Using the wrong one will cause it to function poorly and make trimming grass an impossible task. 

4 Tips To Maintain Your Trimmer Line

You can buy a high-end line with spectacular durability and still break it by treating it poorly. You need to use it properly to increase its durability. 

  1. Avoid leaving your trimmer under the sun. Leaving it under the sun or storing it in the garage for ages can cause it to break. 
  2. Ensure to use your line while it’s new and in pristine condition. An old line will always break regardless of its quality. 
  3. Avoid constantly beating your line against cement and pavers as it will result in frequent breaks. 
  4. It’s essential to hydrate your line to increase its durability. Trimmer lines lose moisture and become brittle over time. 

To hydrate your line, soak a sponge in water and squeeze out all the excess water. Then, place it into a container with your line and leave it to hydrate for 24-48 hours. 


Can A Trimmer Line Last For Years? 

Unfortunately, trimmer lines are not unbreakable, and even the best quality ones will not last for years. They usually last a couple of months based on the frequency of their use. Moreover, your method of using them will also affect their lifespan. 

How Do You Find A Long-Lasting Trimmer Line? 

Look for a trimmer line with superior quality, increased thickness, and twisted shape. These features make it more durable and robust. 

Can You Use Any Trimmer Line With Your Trimmer? 

You can’t use any trimmer line with your trimmer. Trimmers come with manufacturer’s ratings that limit the thickness of the wire that can be used with them. So, check a line’s compatibility with your trimmer before buying it. 

Final Thoughts

Unbreakable trimming lines are a fantasy for now. Instead, you can find super strong trimmer lines such as the Oregon Magnum Gatorline. Opting for a thick, high-quality, durable line will make trimming your lawn a piece of cake! Instead of spending hours on it, you can get the work done in minutes. 

You must also maintain your line and use it properly to increase its life and make it near unbreakable. Don’t hit it against trees and cement, and you’ll be surprised at how long you can make a single spool last! 

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