22 Ideas For Lawn Mower Storage – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re short on space and stuck for ideas on where (or how) you’re going to store your lawnmower, then you’re in luck!

I’ve put together 23 unique ideas for storing your precious grass-cutting machine ranging from the more obvious solutions to some you’ve probably never thought of.

Keep reading to find out how to make a pallet shed, use a ceiling hoist or create a three-sided box that wheels into place. There really is a solution for everyone here.

1. Wall Storage Solution

Save on floor space and keep your lawn mower in good condition by opting for a wall storage solution. Sturdy wall hooks or brackets installed in your garage or shed will allow you to hang your push mower vertically by its handle. 

This is a practical choice, especially for electric and manual push mowers. Don’t try this with gas mowers as they will leak oil and fuel.

Just ensure that the wall and brackets can comfortably support the weight of your mower. In addition, keep in mind the height for easy access when you need to use the mower.

2. Under-Bench Storage

One place that’s often overlooked is the unused space beneath a workbench in your garage or shed. This area can be the perfect home for your push mower with the handle removed or folded. 

Power tools stored under a workbench.
Many kinds of tools can be stored here, not just lawnmowers.

You could even consider custom building a new bench with a specific slot designed for your mower and a ramp for easy access. Do remember to accurately measure your mower to ensure a perfect fit though.

3. Custom-Built Garden Sheds

If space isn’t an issue in your yard, a custom-built garden shed could be the ultimate storage solution for your lawnmower, particularly if you have a riding mower. With this option, you have the freedom to design the shed with your mower’s dimensions in mind, ensuring a neat and organized space with unrestricted access. 

Custom garden shed for garden tool storage.

Think about adding shelving units for your smaller gardening tools and mower accessories. 

A well-planned custom shed can provide ample room for all your gardening needs while adding real value to your property.

4. Lean-To Shed Additions

Adding a lean-to on the side of your existing garage or shed can be a smart way to store your lawnmower. This option gives you easy access to your mower and keeps it protected from the elements without taking up precious space inside the main building. 

Consider adding a lockable door for security, and ensure the lean-to is weatherproof to maximize the life of your mower.

This is an excellent solution for a riding mower that needs a huge amount of space in the typical garage. With this idea, you can just wheel it straight in and not worry about having to leave a path to get it out through the main building.

5. Outdoor Storage Boxes

Outdoor storage boxes meant for soft furnishings and seat covers can be a great fit for smaller lawnmowers. These boxes are weather-resistant, easily accessible, and often come with locking mechanisms for added security.

You can also buy more sturdy examples built for storing outdoor tools which are even better.

Before purchasing, measure your mower to ensure it will fit comfortably inside the box. To further protect your mower, consider placing the storage box in a shaded area to reduce exposure to extreme temperatures.

A good example of this would be the Suncast Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed which you can also see an image of on the left. You can buy it on Amazon

Just make sure its dimensions are appropriate for your mower before buying, even if it has a handle that can be folded for easier storage. 

6. Ceiling Storage System

A ceiling storage system in your shed or garage using ropes and pulleys to hoist it into place can be a clever solution for storing your lawn mower, especially in smaller spaces. This option is best suited for lighter, push-style mowers. 

A pulley with rope.

Before implementing this idea, make sure you thoroughly check the weight limit of the pulley and storage system to prevent any accidents or damage to your mower. The last thing you want is for it to drop on your head when you’re lifting it into position! 

Also, make sure the height is manageable for easy access to your mower.

7. Under-Stairs Storage

The unused space beneath outdoor stairs can be a prime location for your lawnmower. This might require slight modifications to your stair design to make access easier, but it can provide a discrete storage spot. Make sure to measure your mower and the available space to ensure a good fit. 

Under stair space

Additionally, if the stairs are open tread, you will need to build a weatherproof structure in the space to protect your mower from the elements or purchase a good waterproof cover of course.

8. Under-Deck Storage

If you have a raised deck in your backyard built into a slope, consider utilizing the space underneath it for storing your lawn mower. You can create a door or a hatch for easy access to this storage area. Make sure to weatherproof and secure the space properly to protect your mower from moisture and potential theft. 

This is a fantastic way to utilize the often-forgotten area beneath your deck and is simple to do if you plan for it when building the deck.

9. Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets

Old kitchen cabinets can be cleverly repurposed into lawn mower storage units for use in your garage or shed. They can even be used on their own outdoors if you live in a dry climate. 

They’re often sturdy and spacious, providing ample room for your mower and even additional storage space for other lawn care items on the shelves. 

Measure your mower and the cabinet to ensure a good fit before moving forward with this idea and make sure to add ventilation holes.

10. Lawn Mower Lifts

For those with larger, ride-on machines, investing in a mower lift could be a wise decision. A mower lift allows you to hoist your mower safely, freeing up floor space. It also facilitates easier maintenance tasks like cleaning and blade replacement. 

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when operating a mower lift to ensure safety.

11. Make A Pallet Shed

Repurposing pallets into a simple shed for your mower can be an easy, cost-effective solution. You can just bolt the pallets together and cover them with a waterproof covering to protect anything inside from the rain.

If you also use pallets for the floor,  this keeps your mower off the ground, protecting it from dampness and extending its life. Pallets can be easily obtained from local businesses or recycling centers for free and modified with basic tools.

12. Unused Closet Conversion

If you have a spare closet in your garage or basement, consider converting it into a dedicated storage space for your lawnmower. This solution keeps your mower out of sight when not in use. 

Remember to keep the closet well-ventilated to prevent the build-up of gas fumes. Adding shelves or hooks can provide extra storage for smaller lawn care items.

13. Basement Storage

While it’s not a good idea to keep your mower in the house itself, utilizing your basement is perfectly acceptable as long as you follow a few basic rules for gas-powered machines.

The main thing is to drain the fuel as you do not want gas fumes building up in your home. These could either leak into your living space which is bad enough or at worst cause an explosion.

You can learn more about how to properly store fuel for your mower here

14. Bicycle Hoists

Bicycle hoists aren’t just for bikes. They can be repurposed to store lightweight, push-style lawnmowers. These hoists are typically sturdy and reliable, but always check the weight capacity before using them for this purpose. 

Also, ensure you secure your mower properly to make sure it can’t drop or move once in position.

15. Stacked Storage Solution

If you own multiple mowers, a stacked storage solution might be ideal. You can build a sturdy, multi-level rack to store several mowers vertically, saving on floor space. 

Always store the lightest mower on top to keep the structure balanced and for easier lifting, plus secure each one properly to prevent accidents. 

This solution requires a bit of carpentry and DIY skills but can be a real space saver.

16. Portable Tent Sheds

Tent sheds provide a portable, affordable solution for lawn mower storage. They are made of weather-resistant materials and can be quickly set up for temporary use. 

Check that the tent shed you choose has a sturdy frame and a secure closure to protect your mower from the elements. Also, measure your mower before purchase to ensure it will fit comfortably. 

Tent sheds can often double as storage for other garden tools, making them a versatile storage option, but are not very secure.

17. Behind Decorative Screens

If you have a corner of your yard or patio that’s not in use, consider adding a decorative outdoor screen and storing your mower behind it. This solution keeps your mower out of sight yet easily accessible. 

Ensure the screen is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds, and remember to protect your mower from the elements using a mower cover or similar protective gear. You can read more about storing your mower outside without a shed here.

18. Purpose-Built Mower Garage

For the ultimate lawnmower storage solution, consider a purpose-built mower garage. This miniature garage can be custom-designed to fit your mower perfectly, protecting it from the elements and providing an attractive addition to your backyard. 

This project can be a fun DIY task if you’re handy, or you could hire a professional contractor to bring your vision to life.

19. Under A Storage Bench

A storage bench is a piece of outdoor furniture that doubles as a storage space for a variety of things. This option not only provides practical storage but also extra seating in your garden.

It will probably only be suitable for a small mower and even then, you will need to remove the handle so that it fits in the space, but is a great solution if you have limited room in your backyard.

20. Build A Suspended Platform

Another great DIY project to try is a suspended platform in your garage or shed which is a great place to store your mower. This works especially well for lightweight models. 

The platform can be lowered so that it’s easy to roll the mower on and off when you need to use it. Afterward, you just park the machine on the platform and raise it up out of the way.

21. Lawn Mower Cover


Probably the simplest solution of them all is to just purchase a good quality lawnmower cover made for the job.

These are typically shaped to fit snugly over your machine with the handle still in place so that it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

Just make sure you let the engine and exhaust cool down before you put the cover on to avoid scorching a hole in it!

A good example of this is the Tough Cover Lawn Mower Cover – you can buy it on Amazon. Just make sure it’s the proper size for your mower, though it should be appropriate for most push-mowers. Riding mowers will need the bigger variant, which is also available. 

22. Rent A Storage Unit

Last of all, if you really don’t have room to store your mower at home, think about renting some space in a storage unit. This can work great if you have one located nearby and only use the mower every week or so.

Just be sure to check with the owners what their rules and regulations are as you may find they don’t allow gas-powered mowers to be stored there. I previously wrote about this option in more detail in this article

Final Thoughts

With these 22 practical and unique lawn mower storage ideas, you should be able to find at least one solution that fits your needs, space, and budget! Always remember to store your mower in a well-ventilated area, away from any heat sources or flammable materials for safety. 

By storing your mower properly and keeping it out of the worst of the weather, you can extend its life and keep it working efficiently for many years to come.

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