6 Fun Things to do With a Leaf Blower

While it’s true that leaf blowers have a very specific purpose, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to use them. If you have a leaf blower at home and want to have some wholesome family fun, you will definitely want to learn about some of these options. You might just be surprised at how many different ways there are to use these tools.

Stay Safe

No matter what fun way you find to use your leaf blower, it is important to take safety very seriously. You and any family members who use this equipment should wear proper ear protection and perhaps even eye protection. By doing this you will be able to stay safe while having a great time.

Yard Cleaning Contest

If you want to make doing yard work fun for the entire family, you should think about making a game out of it. See who can make the biggest or most piles of leaves within a certain amount of time. This way important work gets done around the house and everyone has fun—it’s a win/win situation! Parents who want to get their children into the habit of becoming responsible around the house will find that this is a great way to do that.

You can have one person in your family clearing away leaves while another one does the gutters (if you have more than one leaf blower). You can also take turns with the blower to see who does the best job at the particular task they have been assigned to.

Another good contest idea involves using the leaf blower to clear snow off a vehicle. If the person can manage to get all of the snow off the car in a certain amount of time, they win a prize. You can only do this during winter though.

Clean Up the House

If you want to clean up the house while having fun, you should consider using a leaf blower. This equipment can help you clear away the dust and dirt from the corners of your house quite effectively.

Just make sure that anyone who is using the blower or is nearby wears ear protection. A cheap pair of earplugs will help keep your hearing intact. This is a great idea for when spring cleaning time rolls around, though you can certainly choose to do it any time of the year.

A leaf blower can remove dust from places even a vacuum cleaner can’t reach, like under your bed, or behind an old wardrobe. Just don’t forget to open your windows to let the dusty air out!

Snow Fights

Leaf blowers can be used to clear away snow, but they can also be useful when it comes to having snow fights. This is an interesting spin on traditional snowball fights, but it does require at least two leaf blowers. Make sure that you wear eye protection so that you can protect your vision while having a good time. See who can throw more snow at the other person. The more powerful the leaf blower is, the more of an advantage they will have. Keep in mind that this works best with powdery snow as opposed to wet or slushy snow.

And if you are feeling creative, you can even do something like this:

Cleaning Up Your Local Park

Another great use of leaf blowers involves cleaning up local parks, playgrounds and other areas where there is a lot of litter. You can use your blower to help beautify your community quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is simply go around and blow the litter into piles that you can pick up and put in bags, just like you would with leaves.

This is a much more efficient method than simply going around and using your hands (and it’s much safer). Just make sure that you have a powerful enough leaf blower. Backpack leaf blowers are ideal for this purpose because of how powerful they are. Watch out for pieces of broken glass and other sharp things. It is a good idea to wear gloves so that you don’t cut or injure your hands in any way while doing this.

Leaf Blower Bowling

If you are looking for a fun and interesting game to play with your family involving a leaf blower, how about bowling? All you need is a lightweight plastic ball and some empty soda bottles to use as pins. You will use the leaf blower to blow the ball towards the pins to knock them over. This can be quite challenging but still a lot of fun for people of all ages.

Take Some Funny Photos

Turn your leaf blower on and point it at them while taking their picture. This can make for some pretty hilarious photos that you will be sure to treasure for years to come. You should consider wearing eye protection when you do this so that you don’t get hurt by any flying debris. This is definitely one photo shoot that you won’t soon forget!

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