Can You Use a String Trimmer on Wet Grass?

There is confusion surrounding whether you can use a string trimmer on wet grass. This is due to the high volume of conflicting information out there about this topic.

Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore- I’ve done the research and will share everything you need to know about using a string trimmer on wet grass. 

It’s not recommended to use a string trimmer on wet grass. Using a string trimmer on wet grass can damage the trimmer itself or result in an uneven trim. But also, using a string trimmer on wet grass is risky and could result in injury. 

If you’ve been curious about whether or not you can use a string trimmer on wet grass, or what might happen if you do choose to do it, then stick around. 

What Happens if You Use a String Trimmer on Wet Grass?

As I said earlier, using a string trimmer on wet grass is a no-no. This is because there are way more disadvantages than advantages if you choose to go this route. 

Your String Trimmer Can’t Handle Wet Grass

Wet grass, especially if the grass is tall, can be a formidable problem for the string trimmer. This problem is compounded if your trimmer is of low quality or doesn’t have much power.

Powerful string trimmers may just be able to handle wet grass, but you’d have to test it out and see. 

Test whether your string trimmer is a match for your wet grass by going out and trimming a row of wet grass. If your trimmer has trouble clipping the blades of grass or appears to be heating up prematurely, you will want to wait until the grass has dried up. 

Even if your trimmer can adequately cut wet grass now, that doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. Using string trimmers to cut wet grass may put added stress on the trimmer’s motor, shortening its lifespan. 

Wet Grass Slumps Over Making an Even Trim Difficult for a String Trimmer

By nature, when grass gets wet, it leans or slumps over. And even if your string trimmer is powerful enough to cut through the wet grass, there could be some slumped-over blades of grass that get missed. 

Cutting wet grass makes for an inconsistent trim job, which can be unsightly and warrant another trim session later on. Talk about wasted time! 

If you want, you can go out and take a close look at the blades of grass on your lawn. If too many of the blades of grass are slumped over, you may want to wait until the grass is dry to trim it. 

Wet Grass Is Not Good For Mulch

Since wet grass clumps together, it doesn’t mulch well. When you trim wet grass, you cause clumps of it to be scattered here and there. These clumps can damage patches of the lawn. 

Safety Issues of Using a String Trimmer on Wet Grass 

Wet grass can be slippery, and trimming in such conditions can make it more challenging to maintain your balance while maneuvering around your yard. We don’t always think about the safety issues of using a string trimmer, but a single slip can cause potentially grave injury. 

Also, if you are using an electric trimmer while it’s still raining, there is a risk of electric shock and damage to the trimmer. 

These are some of the most important reasons to wait until your grass is dry before breaking out the string trimmer. 

Tips for Using a String Trimmer on Wet Grass

Though it is not recommended, if you live in a wet area or you don’t have time to wait for the grass to dry, you may have cut the grass while it’s wet. Don’t worry- here are some useful tips that you can use. 

Minimize the Risk of Electrical Injury

If you are using an electric trimmer, make sure you take extra care to minimize the risk of electric shock. Take the following steps to be as safe as possible: 

  • Make sure you use proper extension cords. If you didn’t know that there were different types of extension cords, you’re not alone. Make sure that you use an outdoor extension cord for your string trimmer-this type of extension cord is made to withstand outdoor elements and still function correctly. If you use a regular indoor extension cord, you run an increased risk of danger to yourself and damage to your trimmer. 
  • Ensure that your outlet is safe. Not only do you need to use an outdoor extension cord, but your home should also have proper electrical outlets. Some homes already have outlets that meet the National Electrical Code, but many homes do not. It’s advisable to get the opinion of an electrician to make sure that your outlets are up to code. 
  • Never trim your lawn while it’s raining. This should go without saying, but I’ll write it down just in case. No matter how careful you are, using your trimmer in such conditions is asking for trouble. Just don’t. 

Take Your Time While Cutting Your Grass

Since wet grass doesn’t cut as cleanly or evenly as dry grass does, you’ll want to take your time while cutting it. Also, be patient, as you may have to go over the same spots repeatedly to get a smooth finish. 

Another reason to take your time is to avoid surpassing your trimmer’s capacity. Wet grass is harder for the trimmer to cut, so it will be easy to strain your trimmer. 

Use a Quality String Trimmer

If you’re going to cut wet grass, you need a good trimmer. Below, we’ll look at some string trimmer qualities that are best suited to trimming wet grass. 

Consider the Trimmer’s Power Source Especially When Grass is Wet

A battery-powered string trimmer is usually adequate for a residential yard. Lithium-ion batteries are the standard battery type used in string trimmers. You can expect to pay from $75 to $200 for a battery-powered string trimmer, and spare batteries can cost you an additional $50 to over $100. 

A gas-powered string trimmer is perfect for you if you have a large yard and you need extended run-time. They are also great if you have a heavy brush to cut. A gas-powered trimmer is probably the best choice for you if you are cutting wet grass, as it can easily handle the added strain of wet grass. 

An electric string trimmer is a good fit for most people with average residential yards. The cord is often limiting, though. Also, if you are using it to trim wet grass, or using it on a rainy day, the cord presents a tripping hazard. 

Other Features to Consider When Using a String Trimmer on Wet Grass

There are other features to consider when choosing the best string trimmer for wet grass. 

You want to make sure that the trimmer is: 

  • Lightweight for an easy cutting experience.
  • It has an ergonomic design to make it easier to maneuver.
  • It is equipped with safety features like a strong shield and a cutting guard.

The Verdict

Cutting wet grass with a string trimmer is not recommended. It doesn’t give your grass the best trim, and it’s dangerous. Your best bet is to wait until the grass is dry before using your string trimmer. 

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