Are String Trimmer Attachments Interchangeable?

So, you purchased a string trimmer recently, but do you know if string trimmer attachments are interchangeable? With so many companies producing string trimmers, it may seem challenging to find the correct attachment for your brand.

Not all string trimmer attachments are universal. Some products, like the TrimmerPlus attachments, will work with several brands. Typically, all trimmers will fit attachments from the same company, and large companies, like MTD, make attachments that fit multiple brands. Examine the attachment slot carefully before purchasing add-ons.

Let’s walk through why each attachment can not be put on any string trimmer and which ones allow for the largest variety of interchangeability. 

Why Aren’t All String Trimmer Attachments Interchangeable?

Purchasing an attachment-capable weed eater is a wise decision when you own a home. Most capable trimmers will attach to hedge trimmers, pole saws, leaf blowers, edgers, cultivators, and pruners.

Rather than spending several hundred dollars on multiple machines, you can buy a model that accepts attachments that usually cost under ninety dollars. 

Although some discount-brand attachments claim to work with every trimmer, that is not always the case. For an idea of what type of attachment you need, you can take a close look at your trimmer’s locking system. 

The locking system secures the attachment to the shaft. If you have a square-shaped attachment slot and the add-on is cylindrical, the pieces are not compatible.

Some incompatible attachments will seem to fit the trimmer, but on closer inspection, you can see the pole has a smaller diameter and does not fit tightly.

Depending on your model, you can purchase attachments from the same maker, or you can buy universal attachments that your company accepts.

Companies purposefully try to have their attachments only work with their machines to encourage users to continue to buy their products, rather than being able to buy ones from another brand.

What Are Multi-Function Trimmers, and What Are Some Examples?

Multi-Function trimmers allow you to switch from a string trimmer to an edger or other attachment without using tools. Each brand uses a slightly different locking mechanism, but most involve a pin or thumb screw that secures the attachment to the trimmer. 

The following section includes premium multi-function trimmers that will not work with universal attachment systems. 

Milwaukee M18 FUEL String Trimmer

Milwaukee features one of the fastest attachment exchange systems of any other brand. The Quik-Lok system allows you to exchange parts by loosening a thumb screw and pressing a button.

The bottom of the shaft (where the add-ons attach) has a small notch that lines up with the metal screw on the bottom of the attachment. The star-shaped interior of the attachment is a unique feature of Milwaukee parts and is a sign that dissimilar add-ons are not compatible with Milwaukee.

Milwaukee makes excellent trimmers, but if you need an attachment, be sure to purchase one from Milwaukee. The Quik-Lok attachments are compatible with gas-powered and electric Milwaukee trimmers.

You can buy the Milwaukee M18 on Amazon.

Makita XUX01M5PT 18V

The Makita cordless trimmer is a powerful weed eater that uses a multi-head system for its attachments. Makita’s couple shaft power heads use a lever system to attach to the base. After you slide the attachment in the coupler, you fasten a small lever to secure the add-on. 

Although Makita offers more attachments than other brands, the price of their add-ons is much higher than the competition on average. 

Makita makes products that are built to last, but only attachments made by Makita will work with their trimmers. However, their attachments work on their battery-powered and gas-powered models.

You can buy the Makita XUX01M5PT on Amazon.

Echo Pas-225 Pro-attachment Series

The Echo trimmer uses a thumb screw and pin system to exchange attachments. You slide the attachment in and tighten the screw and pin to secure the piece. Unlike other producers, the Echo has a small lip at the bottom of the base to help guide the attachment into place.

Another feature that differs from other brands is the square-shaped connection point. The connection point is an internal cylinder that connects to the corresponding notch in the attachment. Most companies have a cylindrical-shaped connection point, and a few like Echo, use a square-shaped one.

Like the Milwaukee and Makita, Echo trimmers are only compatible with Echo attachments.

You can buy the Echo Pas-225 on Amazon.

Proyama Powerful 42.7cc 5 in 1

The Proyama is a multi-function trimmer that includes a string trimmer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, pole saw, and an extension pole. Although it’s a newer company that doesn’t have the same reputation as Makita or Milwaukee, the Proyama trimmer is inexpensive and includes a lot of extras.

The Proyama uses a thumb screw and lever system to install attachments. In addition to the four attachments and pole extender, the trimmer package includes safety gear, gloves, and a gas can.

The Proyama add-ons will only work on Proyama trimmers.

You can also buy this tool on Amazon.

Is There No Way I Can Use Attachments From a Different Manufacturer?

All of the machines discussed are capable of completing your weekend yardwork duties, and as long as you purchase attachments made by the same producer, you won’t have any problems with the attachments falling off.

However, if you try to attach an add-on that is not designed for your model, you’ll run into problems. Although some off-brand add-ons may seem to fit your model, refrain from trying to modify your trimmer to accept an ill-fitting attachment. 

You may be successful in rigging an add-on to fit your machine, but since the piece is not machined for the trimmer, it’s not guaranteed to function safely for an extended time.

There are a few blogs and videos that display ways to modify equipment to fit add-ons, but it’s safer and more cost-effective to stick with the recommended parts.

If your pole saw slips off of the base when you’re trimming overhead branches in the tree, you can lose a few digits.

What Is the TrimmerPlus System and What Brands Accept Its Attachments?

TrimmerPlus is a line of attachments produced by Troy-Bilt. Troy-Bilt is an experienced and well-trusted organization that makes premium machines and replacement parts. If your trimmer’s documentation mentions that TrimmerPlus parts are accepted, you should not opt for a similar, cheaper brand. 

The discount brands are not as reliable as Troy-Bilt, and you could damage your trimmer or yourself with a cheap attachment.

Although some distributors claim that the TrimmerPlus attachments are universal, they do not work with every type of trimmer. “Universal” actually means “several,” but it is impressive how many brands will accept TrimmerPlus parts.

One of the most significant advantages to the TrimmerPlus attachments is their price. Premium brands like Makita sell some of their attachments for $300, but most TrimmerPlus add-ons sell for around $100. You can purchase a cultivator for under $100 or an edger for under $70.

Examine your machine’s manual or website to see if your model accepts TrimmerPlus attachments. Or, you can look over the following list that includes the manufacturers that fit TrimmerPlus parts:

  • Troy-Bilt
  • Cub-Cadet
  • Craftsman
  • Remington
  • Yard Machines
  • Bolens
  • Hyper Tough
  • Snapper

If your trimmer’s brand is not listed, then it’s safe to say that you won’t be able to use TrimmerPlus parts safely.

Which Other Companies Make Attachments for Multiple Brands?

If you don’t own a trimmer that was made by the brands mentioned previously, it’s possible that your machine may still accept other attachments. 

Sometimes, tool manufacturers acquire smaller, trusted brands to expand their market share. This benefits the consumer when the company offers universal part exchanges through its various brands.

One of the largest American manufacturers of tools and parts, MTD, makes stringer attachments that work with current brands and some of its prior brands.

MTD will work with:

  • Troy-Bilt
  • Cub-Cadet
  • Ryobi
  • Craftsman
  • Husqvarna 

Closing Remarks

You can save money when you purchase a string trimmer with multi-function features. Without using extra tools, you can switch out your trimmer for an edger or blower in a few seconds. There are several attachments available, but ensure that your add-on fits securely before you operate the machine.

After you’ve absorbed all the information related to attachments, grab your safety gear, and fire up your trimmer.

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